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NFL FLAG FOOTBALL is the premier youth football league for boys and girls ages 5-14. The program is part of the NFL campaign to encourage kids to be active 60 minutes a day in order to reverse the trend of childhood obesity.  The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork and nutrition. Our staff is trained to teach proper nutrition & performance techniques as well as coach football. The program also provides families tools to create a healthy family environment thru diet & exercise.

How this works: With the assistance of a nutritionist every family who participates will have a nutritional & exercise goal to meet. The families that meets it's goal will win a prize.

We believe that creating a healthy child is not enough, there has to be a healthy family environment that supports them.

Call  now to register 347-323 -3844

Training begins in August each year and participants must get medical clearance.        



2015 NFL Flag Champions                                      Award Presentation Day


On March 31, 2010 Cc4Change launched The First Lady Michelle Obama's National Initiative "Let's Move" at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, New York.
Concerned Community 4 Change is dedicated to equipping communities with the tools to knock out obesity by hosting health forums and food expos with a focus on obesity. The expos are designed to equip people with the tools to understanding their     health status, nutrition, healthy food choices and the benefits of exercising.

Mentoring Program
Cc4Change in collaboration with moms, dads, activists, pastors, social workers, attorneys and physicians have designed a mentoring program that will help young boys and girls become well rounded young men and women who will be able to meet the challenges in today's society.
This 4 year program will allow a child to explore their talents and expose them to different world views and excel in education.
The program is set to start this fall. The first year will be our pilot year to participate in this program.You must be 13 or 14 years old and be a part of our sports programs.

                   "HOLD THE BALL"
In 2013, Cc4change along with other organizations hosted "Hold the Ball" over the course of two weekends.  The mission of the event was to implement an anti violence plan and to empower the community socially, politically and artistically.

                       "Hold the Ball"
               Empowerment by the Word

Back to School Event , August 2017
Lacrosse with St Johns University

             Empowerment Through Dance

                         "Hold the Ball"
                   Youth Empowerment

 New Program Martial Arts
 Specializing in Children & Adults
                    Winter 2017

 Improve Heart Health
 Tone Muscle
 Improve Reflexes
 Improve Mood

       Join  Instructor :  Master Sabu
@ Restoration Plaza 1406 Fulton Street
    entrance near Food Town Supermarket 

             Call for Rates @ 718- 398 -7228 
          for all ages

New Summer Youth
Basketball League: Begins
July 1st 2017

This is a competitive basketball league for boys 10u,12u and 14u. Our mission is to prepare our youth to become students athletes , under the guidance of
Commissioner  Kenneth Matthis

Basketball Mentoring Program:

One of the most popular sports in New York City in the summer is basketball. Every asphalt court is filled with basketball hopefuls. The great thing about the summer league is that the unknown can become the known, just ask Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. In other words summer basketball is where stars and reputations are born. Cc4Change understands the dreams of young men and women, but our organization also understands life outside the asphalt courts. We know and understand the challenges of our communities. We know that without a professional contract or marketable skills our children will perish. Therefore CC4Change along with other organizations have designed a program that enhances the journey of a athlete. This program is designed to direct our young men and women to think outside the lines of the courts and fields that they play on to expose them to more opportunities.
For more information contact Coach Nick (347-634-1903)

Kingston Park Youth Basketball Championship 2017, Brooklyn Ballers

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