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Our vision is to engage our youth by providing programs that put positive principles into practice through programs that build healthy minds, bodies and spirits.


KEEPING IT REAL: Quotes and Facts

  • Obesity is the number one health killer in our community. It is the precursor to diabetes and heart disease.
  • Calories and Activities: Participating in football can burn 472- 931 calories per hour, basketball can burn 472-931 calories.
  • "More than 50% of the kids in my practice are obese and the parents don't perceive it as a problem." said Dr. Delgado, San Rafael Medical Center in Chicago.
  • Childhood obesity is preventable.

Images of CC4Change At Work

Basketball is Back in July 2022 . The Legends Basketball Tournament 

Theme : Sports , Racism ,Hate Crimes and Gun Violence 

Cc4Change Response to Gun Violence  Saturday June 11,2022

Proud to note that this is our 7th year (2021) of

hosting Our Back -To -School Event dubbed Not Just Backpacks  Featuring a confidence building fashion show. Hosted by the Model Empyrss

CC4Change first benefit Gala at the Barclays

Center, featuring Mr. & Mrs. Daughtry and Congressmen Hakeem Jeffries.

Carter G Woodson vision of Black History Month came to The Barclays center ( Brooklyn ). Tsukegee Airman, The cast of "Ain't to Proud to Beg" , Connie Hawkins Family . Kudos to Dr. Maurice Stinnett and Saedra Bracy.

On Nov 7,2023 CC4Change and other organizations gathered to address a pressing issue in Black Communities of Homeownwership . This is the first of a series through out communties of color.

"A Village Raises Its Children Prepared" Back to School Event - The 2nd District Dental Society Staff prepares a young student with healthy dental habits.​ (August 2018)

"Concerned Community 4 Change Staff, Making things happen.Black History Month.


On Dec 22.2023 NYC Council approved the co-naming of a Prospect Pl and Utica Ave after NBA Hall of Famer Roger Brown once banned from College and The NBA .








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