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We Are Proud Of

Congrats to Brooklyn own Naquwan Solomon he is headed to Europe to play Professional Basketball. A product of CC4Change Sports. Oct 2019

DJ Johnson a product of CC4Change sports will be playing D1 Basketball at the Kent State University .  2019-21

Quincy Lonnie Maloney a product of Cc4change and now a student athlete at Novasoutheastern University .

Quincy Lonnie Maloney.

Leshown Hallums leading scorer at Mendocino Jr College California  .Product of CC4Change Sports 2022 Headed to D1 next year .


Upcoming Events 


* Summer Basketball Tournament - Honoring NBA Legends.

* Renaming St Andrews Park Basketball courts to the Connie Hawkins Courts.

* New Program Martial Arts & Kickboxing

* "A Village Raises Its Children Prepared" Back to School Event -

Saturday August 24th, 2020 in  Kingston Park

Podcast : How can people with 

obesity lo​wer there risk of

being a victim of COVID-19

The Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets will recognize Connie Hawkins during Black History Month as an Afro American Hero on Feb 3th ,2020

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